Bedford ECU Car Remap

ECU Remap

ECU Remap's & Turbo Diesel Chip Tuning - For Petrol And Diesel Engine Vehicles, ECU Remapping Will Increase The Power And Torque Of Your Vehicle With Drastic Benefits To Economy As Well, Most Modern Turbo Diesel Engines Can Gain 30% Better MPG After Remapping! Call Us Now To Find Out More!

DPF Removal

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) Are Fitted To Many Diesel Engine Vehicles Nowadays And Can Cause All Sorts Of Problems! Non Regenerating DPF Systems Mean The Filter (In The Exhaust) Will Just Clog Up And Leave The Engine In Limp Mode, We Have A Cheap Solution To Get You Back Running!

EGR Removal Bedford

EGR Removal

Exhaust Gas Re-circulation Valve Or EGR, Basically Takes Exhaust Gasses And Passes It Back Through An ECU Controlled Valve Back Into The Engine, Quicker Warm Up On The Engine And Higher Cylinder Temperatures To Burn Off Harmful Pollutants, However These Get Carbon'd Up Very Quickly And Can Cost A Fortune To Replace!

Cheap Remap Bedford

Price Beater

Bedford ECU Remap Will Beat Any Genuine Price Like For Like! We Offer Price Beating Peace Of Mind On Our Remaps Offered By A Genuine Company!

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for! Cheap usually is just that so be wary of Cheap Chinese Clone Boxes Offering Remaps At Silly Prices